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University Team

Dr. Yiping Lou

Dr. Yiping Lou is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies at University of South Florida. She teaches graduate courses in instructional technology including design and development of technology-based instruction, current trends in instructional technology, and research in technology-based education. Her research focuses on technology-supported instruction, collaborative learning, and inquiry-based science learning. She has been PI and Co-PI of several NSF supported grants on technology-supported inquiry-based science learning in k-12 schools.

Dr. Luanna Prevost

Dr. Luanna Prevost is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at University of South Florida. Her research interests include: assessment of student learning; automated analysis of student writing in biology; problem solving in biology; Graduate student teaching professional development.

Dr. Pamela Blanchard

Dr. Pamela Blanchard is an Associate Professor of Science Education in the School of Education at Louisiana State University. Pam Blanchard received her PhD in Geology and Geophysics from LSU in 1998. She also has a Liberal Arts Degree from the University of St. Thomas, Houston (1981) and a BS in Geology from Lamar University, Beaumont (1992). She was a middle school math and science teacher for 8.5 years in two parochial schools in Texas. After graduating from LSU, she served as Louisiana Sea Grant College Program’s Education Coordinator for four years. She collaborated with partners to begin Ocean Commotion in 1998 and the LSU Coastal Roots Program in 2000. In 2011, she received the Coastal Stewardship Award from the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Her responsibilities in the School of Education are focused on helping elementary and secondary science educators teach science in rigorous, creative, meaningful, and engaging ways.

Dr. Yi-hsin Chen

Dr. Yi-hsin Chen is an Associate Professor of Measurement, Evaluation, and Research in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies at the University of South Florida. He teaches graduate courses in measurement including Foundations of Measurement, Computer-Based Testing (CBT), Rasch Measurement Model, and Item Response Theory (IRT). His primary research interests are in the theories and applications of new cognitive-psychometric models (CPM) that combine cognitive psychology with modern psychometrics. He also develops some SAS macros for item analysis based on Classical Test Theory (CTT) and the Rasch Measurement Model. He had five years teaching experiences at elementary school level.

Dr. Brad Gemmell

Dr. Brad Gemmell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at University of South Florida. His research interests include: Marine biology and how predator-prey interactions of marine organisms these can shape ecosystems. He is also interested in understanding how animals swim so efficiently which may lead to the development of more efficient underwater vehicles. Overlaying these interests is a desire to better communicate scientific results to the public beginning at the k-12 levels.

Ora Tanner, Doctoral Student, Instructional Technology, USF Department of Educational and Psychological Studies
Jessica Hooper, Doctoral Student, Instructional Technology, USF Department of Educational and Psychological Studies
Lucille Moon-Michel, Doctoral Student, Instructional Technology, USF Department of Educational and Psychological Studies
Bill Van Horne, Web Programmer
Merna Youssef, Bachelor's Student, Biology, USF Department of Integrative Biology

School Districts

Heather Miller, MSP Grant Manager, Osceola

Year 1 Participants

  • Lauren Myers, Okeechobee, Okeechobee District Lead
  • Emily Streelman, Okeechobee, Okeechobee District Lead
  • Marcie Farrell, Okeechobee, Yearling Middle School
  • Pamela Arnold, Okeechobee, Osceola Middle School
  • Allyn Short, Osceola, Neptune Middle School
  • Amanda MacKenzie, Osceola, Horizon Middle School
  • Brad Kibbe, Osceola, Osceola District Lead
  • Brian Glasby, Osceola, Celebration K-8 School
  • Corinne Conley, Osceola, Discovery Intermediate School
  • Elizabeth Colon, Osceola, Denn John Middle School
  • Ibrahim Ramos, Osceola, Denn John Middle School
  • Jennifer Boessel, Osceola, Parkway Middle School
  • Judy McDonald, Osceola, Narcoossee Middle School
  • Kathleen Yates, Osceola, Westside K-8 School
  • Kim Miller, Osceola, St. Cloud Middle School
  • Leila Greene, Osceola, Osceola School for the Arts
  • Lindsey Evans, Osceola, Kissimmee Middle School
  • Becki Lucas, Volusia, Volusia District Lead
  • Jeremy Blinn, Volusia, Volusia District Lead
  • Jessica Vergara, Volusia, River Springs Middle School
  • Jodi Alligood, Volusia, New Smyrna Middle School
  • Kevin Alligood, Volusia, Silver Sands Middle School
  • Carey Potter-Whiting, Volusia, Deltona Middle School
  • Laura French, Volusia, Deland Middle School
  • Mike Cimino, Volusia, Heritage Middle School
  • Vaneesha Persad, Volusia, New Smyrna Middle School

Year 2 Participants

  • Dan Thomas, Okeechobee, Freshman Center
  • Jane Griffin, Okeechobee, Osceola Middle School
  • Arlene Cuellar, Osceola, Harmony K-8 School
  • Crystal Taylor, Osceola, St. Cloud Middle School
  • Donald Huesing, Osceola, St. Cloud Middle School
  • Glenda Kitts, Osceoloa, Parkway Middle School
  • Jo Ann Smith, Osceoloa, St. Cloud Middle School
  • Kristi Swiderski, Osceoloa, Horizon Middle School
  • Kristin Bartee, Osceola, Horizon Middle School
  • Maritza Aquino, Osceola, Discovery Intermediate School
  • Michelle Brooks, Osceola, Neptune Middle School
  • Michelle Kelly, Osceola, Narcoossee Middle School
  • Patti Ann Stacy, Osceola, Neptune Middle School
  • Preston Lees, Osceola, Kissimmee Middle School
  • Rene Lewis, Osceola, Kissimmee Middle School
  • Bill Wallace, Osceola, Osceola District Lead
  • Bill Lastowski, Volusia, University High School
  • Dawn Alves, Volusia, Atlantic High School
  • Marlo Spallone, Volusia, Pine Ridge High School
  • Melanie Jenkins, Volusia, Deltona High School
  • Susan Zona, Volusia, New Smyrna Beach High School
  • Tara Butler, Volusia, Mainland High School

Year 3 Participants

  • Cynthia Letcher, Okeechobee
  • Mariela Gamez, Okeechobee
  • Shirley Brown, Okeechobee
  • Britani Bryner, Okeechobee
  • Brittany Long, Osceola
  • Christopher Tolliver, Osceoloa
  • Cynthia Dillman, Osceoloa
  • Dana Archer, Osceoloa
  • Dominique Shimizu, Osceola
  • Jared Johnson, Osceola
  • Kyle Clark, Osceola
  • Leah Boyd, Osceola
  • Marta Irizarry Calderon, Osceola
  • Mayra Zahreddine, Osceola
  • Melissa Arroyo, Osceola
  • Renee Brownlie, Osceola
  • Samantha Hood, Osceola
  • Stacy Seamon, Osceola
  • Amanda Silva, Volusia
  • Chris Guzman, Volusia
  • Dan Luby, Volusia
  • Jenna White, Volusia
  • Katelyn Johnson, Volusia
  • Kellie McClarty, Volusia
  • Kelly Cox, Volusia
  • Mike Guiffreda, Volusia
  • PJ Maccio, Volusia
  • Sally Brichler, Volusia
  • Shirma Butts, Volusia
  • Stephanie Robinson, Volusia